Hi there!  I’m Louise, creator and owner of Bloom Lettering.

Most days you can find me working from home in the countryside near Salisbury in England where I live with my husband and two daughters (and various animals).

I have been lettering since 2016 and was instantly hooked when I went to a brush lettering workshop.  I haven’t stopped lettering since that workshop and quickly found myself immersed in a world of brush pens, ink, nibs and paper choices!  But for me, I really wanted to do something with calligraphy and lettering beyond it being a hobby.  So I set myself a goal of doing ‘something’ lettering related as a business in 2017, and Bloom Lettering was launched that summer.

Initially I loved lettering because it didn’t involve anything like a computer – it really was back to basics with ink and paper.  It is super therapeutic and really calming, and something that you can pick up any time, curled up on the sofa in the evening or sat in the garden.  Ironically lettering for me has become a little more digital now because each of my original hand lettered designs is digitised by me so that I can turn them into cards and prints for you.  But that’s just fine because I’m a natural geek and love everything about using Adobe Illustrator!